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PLEASE NOTE: The ET2000 is no longer manufactured and is only available as a refurbished unit on an "as available" basis.   The CLI AG6601TPZ TermPro Zero and  AG7000TPZ TermPro Zero...
Computer Lab International
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Ethernet Terminal
Computer Lab International

PLEASE NOTE: The ET2000 is no longer manufactured and is only available as a refurbished unit on an "as available" basis.   The CLI AG6601TPZ TermPro Zero and  AG7000TPZ TermPro Zero Thin Client Terminals are the current new replacements for the ET2000 Click here for other refurbished CLI models available for use as "Ethernet Terminals".  New 122-key keyboards are available for your existing units.



The CLI ET2000 Ethernet terminal addresses today's conversion of Twinax and SNA to TCP/IP by providing an Ethernet alternative to Twinax "Dumb Terminals".

The CLI AG6601 Thin Client Terminal is the current new replacement for the ET2000.  It can be configured to act as a "Dumb Ethernet Terminal" just like the ET2000.  Both models, as well as all CLI CE.NET models, can all be configured to automatically boot up to a 5250 or 3270 sign-on screen

You can see this in the CLI YouTube Video "5250 Autostart MT2301" at the link directly below:


The AG6601 has a built-in Parallel Printer Port, like the ET2000.  The MT2301 only has USB connections.

Most IT organizations require central system administration of devices, no per seat license costs, extensive keyboard selection based on the user application and printer support. The ET2000 offers an answer to these requirements for the System i, i5, iSeries, AS/400, 3270 mainframe, RS/6000 and open systems with one model terminal.

With no boot server, the terminal just turns on and connects up to four sessions to up to four different hosts using the TN5250e, TN3270e and VT100 protocols. TN5250e protocol allows each device to maintain a static, unique device name and provides named printer support.

Featured Highlights

  • True TCP/IP Network Capabiity

  • 5250 & 3270 Terminal Emulation over Ethernet

  • Full 5250/3270 Style 122-Key 24-Command Key Keyboard (optional)

  • Printer Port Standard On All Models

The use of TCP/IP combined with the capability of flash update will allow users to maintain access to the latest features and firmware without interruption of service or additional cost.

Cost savings for System applications can be obtained by avoiding the use of PC's to provide user application support where a character based, terminal emulation sessions are required. The ET2000 provides a compatible solution without complicated configurations, seat license cost or incompatible keyboard selections at the right cost to the customer.

The perfect Ethernet replacement for Twinax or Coax "Dumb Terminals".

Click here for more information on the CLI ET2000 Ethernet Terminal

Simple Ethernet Connectivity

The CLI ET2000 Ethernet terminal is a true character-based "dumb" terminal that supports Ethernet connectivity for your AS/400 Network. The ET2000 features low-cost, full-function Ethernet convenience. An active printer port provides a simple connection at a cost-effective price.

Simple Interface Featuring TCP/IP and TN5250 protocols for iSeries and AS/400 connectivity, ET2000 simplifies network connectivity management. By eliminating complicated boot servers, ET2000 powers on with a sign-on screen just like a Twinax terminal. The IBM AS/400 Ethernet attachment interface provides a simple connection for your ET2000.

Hassle-Free Printing

ET2000 supports all SCS (Twinax data stream) features.  Unlike LPD, the printer connected to the ET2000 retains all the functionality as if it was connected to Twinax.


User productivity is enhanced by eliminating any learning curve and costs associated with NC or PC products. Centralized management of individual units better utilizes support and help desk assets.

Cost Savings

Eliminates 5x94 remote controllers by using a inexpensive network router. You can also eliminate your SNA WAN and use TCP/IP thereby reducing communication costs. Plus, no per seat license cost.

As with all of CLI's modular display stations, you select from a wide array of keyboard and monitor styles for individual application or user requirements.  Whether you need a compact terminal with a 9" monitor and compact keyboard, or a large screen color model, CLI can provide the proper terminal for your particular requirement.

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REFURBISHED CLI ET2000 Ethernet Terminal Logic Module Only (no keyboard or monitor)
6-Month Twin Data Warranty

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REFURBISHED CLI ET2000 Ethernet Terminal Logic Module with NEW 122-Key Keyboard (no monitor)
6-Month Warranty Warranty on ET2000
1-Year Affirmative TG Warranty on new Keyboard

Currently out
of stock.
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NEW 122-Key Keyboard for ET2000 Ethernet Terminal, Tactile Feedback "clicky", Molded-in Key Cap Legends, Black, PS/2

1-Year Affirmative TG Warranty

$ 139.00


CLI 122-Key Keyboard for ET2000 Ethernet Terminal, Black, PS/2 - NO LONGER MANUFACTURED.  The Affirmative 1225T listed above is the current replacement for ET2000 122-key keyboards.

Click here to be taken to the CLI Replacement Keyboard Page to see the current 122-key replacement options

No Longer
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REFURBISHED CLI 122-Key Keyboard for ET2000 Ethernet Terminal, Black, PS/2
60-Day Twin Data Warranty

In Stock - Call for Pricing


NEW Acer 17 Inch LCD/LED Monitor for All Thin Client Terminals, Ethernet Terminals and Twinax Terminals
3-Year Acer Warranty

$ 119.00

Click here for more information on the CLI ET2000 Ethernet Terminal

Download the Computer Lab International (CLI) ET2000 Datasheet

Hardware Specifications

Hardware Specifications and Features


Up to 4 terminal (multiple hosts) or 3 terminal and 1 printer

Host and Server Support

TN5250e - iSeries & AS/400 - OS/400 V3R1 or above
TN3270 - zSeries & S/390


TCP/IP, DHCP, TFTP, DNS, Telnet: TN5250, TN5250e, TN3270, TN3270e, VT100

Ethernet Interface

RJ45, 10BaseT, Ethernet Standard 2

Standard Features

Communication diagnostics
Flash ROM update new software versions
Selectable column and character displays
Auto dim, adjustable to user requirements
Screen print with trim feature
Flash alarm for industrial or harsh environments, user selectable

Display Attributes

Color pallet supports 256k colors
Reverse image with overscan display for monochrome monitors

TN5250e Features

IBM 3477 terminal emulation
Supports color display functions in 80 and 132 column mode
Explicit TN5250e Device Naming
80 columns x 24 rows (1920 character standard display)
132 columns x 27 rows (3564 character standard display)
IBM 3812-1 printer emulation
Full printer support with ASCII pass through

TN3270 Features

IBM 3278-2-E (24x80), 3278-5-E (27x132), 3278-3-E (32x80), or 3278-4-E (43x80) terminal emulation
Explicit TN3270 Device naming
IBM 3287-2 printer emulation
Printer LU type3 DSC or LU type1 SCS supported (TN3270e)

VT100 Features

VT100, VT220, XTerm (Text Mode) color terminal emulation
80 columns x 24 rows display Device Naming

Printer Port

Standard printer port supports a wide array of printer types and models via a Centronics parallel port
CLI supplies a variety of standard drivers to support a wide selection of printers
COR (computer output reduction) support is offered for all PCL compatible laser printers
All SCS (Twinax data stream) features supported

Barcode Support

Barcode decoder and scanner compatibility including dedicated barcode reader input (no keyboard required)
All major barcode printers supported


101-key, 102-key, 122-key, 101-key with mag-stripe and wedge, or 84-key compact keyboard


Uses any size color or monochrome PC VGA or SVGA monitor as a display

Physical Specifications
(Logic Unit Only)

Width:  5 cm (2 in)
Depth:  28.5 cm (11.25 in)
Height:  24 cm (9.5 in)
Weight: 1 kg (2 lbs)

Power Requirements

100/120/220/240 VAC, 50/60 HZ, Energy Star Compliant, UL, CSA

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ET2000 Ethernet Terminal

ET2000 Ethernet Terminal Information Request Form
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Download the Computer Lab International (CLI) ET2000 Datasheet



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